Owning a car in Abu Dhabi is a necessity, but one that can be trying when seeking a knowledgeable and reliable mechanic. At Skyline Auto Repair, we offer a no-haggle alternative that can be as full service as you desire. All of our client-centered optional services are arranged to give you maximum flexibility and are billed to you in a clear manner that is fully explained ahead of time.

Our mission is to set the standard in automotive repair services by which all others are measured. We make every customer our top priority by providing quality repairs, competitive prices, and courteous service.

  • We are a full service automobile repair shop with a workforce whose training covers the spectrum of repair and maintenance needs.
  • We provide up-front, no-haggle pricing policies. Because our aim is to build on our reputation as an honest and fair business, we rely on the satisfaction of our customers to pass on the word to friends and coworkers.
  • We offer a variety of flexible services to fit your requirements. You can drop off and pick-up your car or else we can have it picked up and delivered to you at a place and time that is convenient for you.
  • Upon request, we can have a loaner car delivered for you as a part of the Skyline service.